Late Summer Prep – Get Yourself Ahead

August 18, 2016  |  by

As the days are getting shorter (sadly) and the heat will be subsiding (we hope), many businesses take advantage of a late summer lull. Before school starts back around Labor Day, a lot of people-especially with children- take a summer vacation. For many, both the supply and demand for work slows down. August is a great time to get your office in order so that your mind and desk are clear when a busy autumn arrives.

We like to take advantage of this time to clean up our computer files, update our building code regulations and reference material library and generally discard clutter. A clean desk and organized files allows us to think better each day and be more efficient.

Take a critical look around the office at the walls, floors and reception area furniture. Check out your storage areas too! (We see some pretty impressive things stuffed into unused offices and closets when we visit prospective new clients). This is a great time to freshen up with new paint, carpet and floor cleaning and upholstery repair. A colored accent wall and a new poster or original piece of art well placed goes a long way to uplifting a space. It’s a great time to take down outdated display materials and get new certificates and awards framed for visitors to see.

Treat your staff to an afternoon outing like a ballgame, picnic in the park, or even a catered lunch in. This is a great time to focus inward and boost staff morale. Let them know you value them, but doing it now when the office isn’t quite so busy makes good business sense too.

Depending on the nature of your business, it may be a good idea for YOU to take a vacation too! In 2014, only 51% of workers took their full allotted vacation, and 15% of people didn’t take any vacation at all! Research has shown that not only does vacation decrease stress, it increases productivity once back at work. Also, people who take regular vacations, and don’t do work while on vacation, report higher job and life satisfaction in general.

Take advantage of the dog days of summer by looking inward at your business and yourself. Get organized and prepared for the busy times ahead.

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